Julian Stoddart

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Referrer Information



What Patients To Refer


  • Hip and knee arthritis

  • Previous joint replacements of the lower limb

  • Potential hip impingement

  • Hip, knee and ankle problems

  • Lower limb compartment syndrome

  • Other lower limb orthopaedic problems




Areas Of Surgical interest


  • Hip and knee replacement surgery (both areas computer navigated)

  • Revision hip and knee surgery

  • Computer assisted knee realignment surgery (high tibial osteotomy)

  • Knee and ankle arthroscopy

  • ACL reconstruction including revision ACL reconstruction

  • Patellofemoral surgery including stabilisation

  • Lower extremity orthopaedic surgery









Referral Letters


Please ensure a referral letter is sent to the rooms prior to your patients appointment. Ideally this will be sent as soon as the patient is referred. It is better to get the letter early as it can allow prioritisation. It is not as important that it is right up to date.






All patients need to have up to date imaging (usually this means within the last 6 months). This includes soft tissue problems such as tendinopathies. The underlying skeleton needs a radiograph.




Pre-appointment MRI Scans


If you suspect a ligamentous injury such as an ACL tear or meniscal pathology then we can often arrange an MRI scan before the appointment. Please forward a referral letter or e-mail with a request for a pre-appointment MRI scan.






As Julian no longer has a public practice he cannot place patients on the public surgical waiting list.  This means if patients require surgery to be performed by him funding must be available (typically through ACC, private medical insurance or the patient self funding).  Please make patients aware of this so that they do not incur unnecessary expense by having an initial appointment with Julian and then require a further referral on to one of his colleagues who works in the public system.   This is not only expensive for the patient but time consuming for both the patient and Julian. It may also delay their treatment.




Making Appointments


  • Call Orthopaedic House between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm on 06 769 5634

  • Fax Orthopaedic House on 06 769 6533 with “attention Julie” on the fax

  • E-mail Julian's nurse, Julie at


If the phone is busy please leave a message and we will get back to you. If you have a query about any patient please e-mail Julian at  and he will reply that day or the next.




Why Julian Has Sub-specialised


During 2011 90% of Julian's surgeries were on the lower limb (17% hip, 60% knee, 13% foot and ankle).  The majority of these surgeries were knee arthroscopies, ACL reconstructions and hip and knee replacements.


In Julian's current practice he sees a lot of young to middle age patients with knee injuries and a large number of patients of all ages with hip and knee arthritis. Consequently, he has limited his practice to lower limb adult reconstruction and sports medicine.


Julian believes his patients benefit greatly from seeing a sub-specialist especially because the range of conditions, investigations and interventions has increased.  Julian's decision to stop consulting on  upper limb (and previously spine) reflects the greater amount of time he has spent gaining expertise in lower limb work.




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