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Knee Arthroscopy



What Is A Knee Arthroscopy?


A knee arthroscopy is commonly known as keyhole surgery.  This operation involves inserting a tube into the knee that has a camera connected to it.  The inside of the knee can be seen and problems identified.  Through additional small incisions, surgical tools can be introduced to treat some problems.




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A knee arthroscopy allows inspection of the joint and treatment of some conditions




Who Benefits From A Knee Arthroscopy?


Patients with:


  • A torn cartilage (meniscus)

  • Loose bodies in the knee joint

  • Focal damage to the knee joint lining

  • Unknown knee problems

  • A knee arthroscopy is suitable for all age groups.




What Is Involved For The Patient?


  • Usually day case surgery (you don't stay in hospital overnight)

  • A general anaesthetic (you are put off to sleep)

  • The operation takes 15 - 60 minutes

  • Normally two small 10mm incisions

  • Normally, a patient is fully weight bearing after surgery




The surgery can be performed through two small incisions




What Is The Recovery Period?


Recovery depends on what is found and what procedure is carried out inside the joint.  Typically patients are ready for office type work within 10 days and heavier type work within 3 - 4 weeks.  Physiotherapy is sometimes required.




What Is The Success Rate Of Knee Arthroscopy?


A knee arthroscopy is very successful at resolving mechanical knee symptoms such as the knee catching or jamming from a torn cartilage disc.  The success rate falls if there are degenerative changes present in the knee.




What Are The Risks Of Knee Arthroscopy?


All operations carry some risk.  Knee arthroscopy has a very low complication rate.


Risks common to all operations include:


  • Infection

  • Blood clots in the legs



Risks particular to knee arthroscopy include:


  • Accelerated arthritis if there is wear found in the joint

  • Failure to resolve all symptoms




Why Have Julian Perform Your Knee Arthroscopy?


Knee arthroscopy is the operation Julian performs most frequently.  Preoperatively Julian will give you a comprehensive patient handout expanding on the material presented here.  Post operatively he will supply you with a self managed rehabilitation program, a report detailing the findings at your surgery and photos of the inside of your knee joint.




I Think I May Benefit From A Knee Arthroscopy


If you think you may need a knee arthroscopy please arrange a consultation with Julian Stoddart.  You will receive a comprehensive assessment of your knee to determine if this operation is right for you.




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